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About Us

Discover Nitemus’s origin, a 360° sustainable fashion brand rooted in sustainability and driven by a commitment to visible changes. Explore our origin and experience the transformative power of eco-conscious fashion. With a focus on reducing environmental impact, Nitemus offers a range of sustainable clothing options that make a positive difference. Embrace the future of fashion and join us in creating a more sustainable world.

Behind Nitemus

How it started:

At a certain moment in our lives, it becomes unavoidable to analyze our situation and where we stand.This happened to me in Spain, during my internship in Barcelona, where I worked for a small brand specializing in upcycling jackets, skirts, and denim pants. During those months, I was exposed to an environment I had always underestimated and paid little attention to. However, working closely with my boss and fully engaging in her projects, I became truly fascinated by their significance. From there, I developed a strong passion for sustainability in fashion, a passion that led me not only to study the topic more deeply but also to introduce small changes to my lifestyle.

However, as I constantly strive for perfection in every aspect of my life, these changes proved unsatisfactory and inadequate, making me give up. For me, it was all or nothing. Over time, though, I gained a better understanding of what I could realistically achieve and how these changes were genuinely beneficial. While I couldn’t expect to change the world on my own, every piece of positive news in the media made me feel like I had also contributed to that improvement. I accepted, then, that aiming for or even wanting to achieve a 100% eco-sustainable lifestyle was, and is, practically impossible, and that even a 1% or 0.5% change is better than no change. From that moment, I learned to make small changes in my behavior and integrate them into my identity. This is why I decided to establish Nitemus: a brand through which I want to encourage others to be more conscious of how our choices impact the world around us and to make it clear that perfection is not necessary to begin being more sustainable.

Creating change:

Being a fashion student, I was well aware of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. For this reason, the initial changes I made were centered around fashion itself: buying fewer garments, reusing old ones, extending their lifespan, and disposing of them properly in designated recycling bins. – Yes! Simply tossing them into the recycling bin makes a significant difference! – Then, I started to carefully examine labels to see what materials the clothing was made from, and I began to purchase items made with more sustainable materials. I soon realized that there were very few choices, especially at reasonable prices.

In Italy, in 2023, there are still relatively few people interested in or buying sustainably made clothing, but it’s a growing trend. Personally, I believe that the main issue isn’t the lack of environmental and social education but rather the absence of attractive options that are both aesthetically pleasing and affordable for everyone. Often, brands selling clothing made from natural and sustainable materials are quite expensive or feature styles that are more upscale and not suitable for everyday wear. On the other hand, more affordable brands tend to only partially focus on sustainability or sacrifice style. This awareness inspired me to establish a 360° sustainable fashion brand, meaning it’s made from natural materials and ethically produced, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and durable.


After much reflection, I chose the word “Nitemus” for my brand. It originates from the Latin word “niteo,” conjugated in the first person plural, “we,” and translates to “we shine, we are lush, we flourish.” I selected a Latin term as a tribute to my country, and the word “niteo” because I want my brand to bloom and expand, bringing change and improvement with it. Additionally, I focused on the sense of community I wanted to evoke by using the first person plural, representing “we” as a united group working together for a brighter future. Through Nitemus, my main focus is on the community, but without forgetting the individual, allowing each person to shine independently. It’s only through personal growth that we can cultivate a community that cares for one another and our planet.

When Nitemus started

Nitemus was founded in 2021 as a response to a passion and a desire to contribute to a more sustainable future. Although the brand was established in 2021, I first focused on completing my Master’s degree, and after studying independently, I built and launched the website in 2023.

Nitemus CEO and designer - Francesca Rossi

Francesca Rossi

Founder - CEO - Designer

Who is behind Nitemus?

My name is Francesca Rossi, and I was born in Italy in a small town in Maremma. I studied fashion design at the “Polimoda- Fashion and Marketing Institute” in Florence. During my university years, I focused on prints and graphic design, often drawing inspiration from Asian art and culture, preferring a clean yet vibrant style. Following my education in Italy, I embarked on a three-month internship in Barcelona with the Spanish brand “Animo Valiente!” This experience exposed me to the world of recycled and upcycled garments.

While working on a denim jacket through upcycling two other jackets, my interest in sustainability grew. This led me to embark on a personal exploration of sustainability in relation to my lifestyle. I decided to continue my studies with a Master’s degree in South Korea at Konkuk University in Seoul, where I graduated in “Fashion Comfort Science.” During these years, I immersed myself in a new and entirely different culture, which presented me with new personal and professional challenges.

After completing my studies, I entered the workforce and worked for half a year as a graphic designer and prototype maker for a small American brand based in Seoul, a position I left because the company’s values conflicted with my principles.

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