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Customization Styles

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Discover the Nitemus customizable styles!

  • 1) How many are you going to buy?

    Choose if you are going to buy for one person or more.

  • 2) Select all the products

    Select your favorite products among bags, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts. You choose either for kids or for adults. Totally up to you.

  • 3) Choose the color, the size and the position

    Choose the color you best like and the size (after consulting the size guide). Then remember to choose among the 11 position proposed, this will indicate where you'd prefer the customized print. It is possible to see all the position at the end of this page. If you are unsure which might be the best position choose number "0" and I will choose depending on the design.

  • 4) Choose the style

    Always remember to chose the style, it is the most important. Here it is possible to see all 11 styles available at the moment. It is important to notice that these styles are an example of what it will be your design, the images varies depending on the photo/photos that you will provide us. In case you have more requests on the style you choose write to us and we will work on it together if it is possible.

  • 5) Proceed to checkout

    The photo and further details will be added during the checkout.

  • 6) Remember to add the note

    At the checkout you need to upload the photos and give some indications in the note for more details and things I should take into consideration. Depending on the style you choose you also need to tell me the color you want me to use. Remember to write either in English or in Italian. Also, more detailed you are, more the design will respect your idea.

Our 11 styles

All 11 styles are proudly drawn by hand 

The drawings reported for each style are examples made with my own personal photos, those are used to give you an idea of the style that you will choose, the final product will be based on the photo that you will provide.

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 1 - Line with paint

1. Line with paint

Feeling romantic or just want to be part of a painting?
Choose this style to have your favorite painting or even your own painting as the background of your favorite moment with your loved person (partner, family, friends). You can choose between the paints I provided or you can send me your own painting and I will add it as a background. The foreground lined design is made trough the photo that you will provide me. The subjects can be either white or transparent, the choice is up to you!

Paintings available for the background:

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 3 - Manga (A)

2. Manga (A)

Have you ever dreamed to be part of a manga?
Now it is possible! Let an important day, event or anything memorable for you be part of a manga! With the option Manga (A) it is possible to have something written in color, you will be able to choose the color and what to write. As manga belong to the Japanese culture the language provided will be Japanese and a maximum of three words can be written. If you don't know what to write leave it up to me, I will not disappoint you!

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 3 - Manga (B)

3. Manga (B)

Love mangas but want something that follows the original manga style as much as possible?
With the option Manga (B), you will have a full black and white manga-style drawing that fully represents the original mood. Once again the language provided will be only Japanese with a maximum of three words. If you don't know what to write leave it up to me, I will not disappoint you!

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 4 - Pop Squares

4. Pop squares

Prefer more lively or flashy colors?
The pop squares is what you need! One color square for each person and up to 5 people! Colors can be either chosen by you or left up to me, once in a while try to be bolder and embrace the vitality in you. People will be delined with black lines and there will be details and shadows to give a 3D pop feeling.
Personal favorite for bags and t-shirts!

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 5 - Young Days

5. Young days

Young days is ideal for a more calm, quiet, retro, and nostalgic feeling. Let the tender colors speak for you and your emotions. Block colors mixed with fine colored lines give you the feeling of living again a memory.

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 6 - Squared tint

6. Squared tint

The photo that you will provide will be transformed into colored blocks, minimum details squared by lines to give a sense of order and space, finding perfect equilibrium. The squares will be either black or white depending on the color of the product.

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 7 - Single Tint

7. Single tint

While squared tint wants to give you an idea of order and space you can choose to be freer and cut out any idea of space with simple colored blocks.
The design is left at its minimum with no shadows and no background giving the whole design a total absence of 3D.

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 8 - Single Line

8. Single line

Lines always have their charm, simple yet powerful. Which better way to remember moments, people, and feelings than with a few minimalistic lines?
Lines can be either white or black depending on the color of the chosen product, the photo will be modified following the Nitemus style, therefore some lines might be not considered in this process in order to not broke the drawing harmony.

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 9 - Tinted Lines

9. Tinted lines

Single lines have their own charm, but adding some more tint and depth might sometime be useful for a stronger statement. In tinted lines block of color will be added to the design following Nitemus personal preference, however the color can be decided by you, it is possible to choose up to 3 colors and the tilt of the nuance: perpendicolar, parallel, oblique, from left to right or from up to down. It is also possible to choose a simple color block with no nuance. However, it can also be left up to Nitemus.

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 10 - Painted Lines

10. Painted lines

Lines can also define a window to another world, which can be filled by personal photos and paintings.
By providing us with two photos or a photo and a painting, Nitemus will be able to outline the subjects and fill them with the photo/painting that reminds you of your dear one or of a specific moment, opening in such a way a window to your memory.

Nitemus - Customization Style - Style n. 11 - Couple line

11. Couple lines

Want to show the world who is your other half?
Why don't you wear a couple-clothes with one lined subject and one fully filled subject? It is perfect to show that you belong to each other. As the image will be completed only when together. No need anymore for jealousy, people will know (in a funny and romantic way) that they already have someone.

Nitemus - Customization Style - Printing Position chart Nitemus gives the possibility to customize even the printing position and offers 8 possibilities + 1. This last one gives the possibility to Nitemus to choose where to print. The other 8 positions are: 1) Central Big - A full print on the front of the product 2) Central Normo - A print on the front of the product, smaller than option 1 3) Full left - A print that covers the product from top to bottom on the left side (actual left) 4) Full right - A print that covers the product from top to bottom on the right side (actual right) 5) Bottom right - A print at the bottom right side of the product (actual right) 6) Bottom left - A print at the bottom leftt side of the product (actual left) 7) Top left - A print at the top leftt side of the product (actual left) 8) Top right - A print at the top right side of the product (actual right)

To make it even more personal you can choose between 8 positions!!

When you are going to order your garment you can choose between 8 different positions, in the case you are not sure which might be best, you can leave the choice up to me!

Fast permits and privacy concerns answers:

As the picture/photo will be modified by Nitemus it will belong to Nitemus and will be automatically protected by the copyright laws.

In order to protect Nitemus from scams and fake refund requests the photo will be kept for 15 days after the product is received. After the 15 days the refund and return will not be possible and photos will be immediately deleted. In case you request Nitemus to delete the photos before the 15 days or as soon as the design process is finished, you give up the possibility to ask a refund or return on the premises that the product is either wrong or doesn’r represent the photo given.

In the moment any photo is sent to Nitemus the costumer gives immediate permission to Nitemus to modify it and authorizes Nitemus to print the choosen product with the modified photo/ drawing.

All customized product can’t be refunded, changed or returned. It will be possible only if it is proven by the costumer to be the wrong product, wrong style or a defective product. In order to understand the full refund policy please check out here.

The paintings that Nitemus suggested don’t have the copyright, therefore if you want to use another painting or photo you must pay attention that you either own its right, have permission to use it, or that it doesn’t have any copyright. Nitemus will not be considered accountable for any copyright infrangement in regards to the photos/paintings sent to us, instead, the costumer will be accountable by law in that regards. The copyright of a painting will expire after 50-100 years after the artist’s death depending on the country, to know more in detail check here.

If the photo or the painting belongs to you, in the moment you send it to Nitemus to fulfill your order, you automathically give permission to Nitemus to use it for the designing of your product only. 

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