FREE shipment. NO use of virgin plastic or pesticides. ORGANIC cotton and RECYCLED polyester only!

The spice of life lies in moments of joy but also in difficulties, in obstacles and victories.
Life's pleasure lies in the people with whom you share those moments.

Family. Friends. Partners.

And each of them, regardless of where they are now, is part of you.
Remember them of your love and your adventures with Nitemus.



Check all our styles in detail beforehand! 

For important information regarding customization

After choosing the product, the size and the color proceed to checkout. In the checkout page it is possible to upload your photo. It is only possible to upload ONE file per order. In case you want more than one customized product or set please make a separate order.

Since there are only a few products available each week it is possible to buy only one type of set per purchase.

In the case of styles 1-10-11, for which 2 photos/paintings are possible send the file as a PDF. If you don’t know how to create a PDF file please send an e-mail to Nitemus after the payment. In the e-mail it is mandatory the order ID and the photo/painting as attachement. You can proceed in the same way also if the subjects that you want designed are not in one photo.

ONE file upload per order. Remember to be conscious when buying.

Customization Request
If you desire to make a special customization for someone special feel free to contact us. It is possible to add dates, names, quotes, it is also possible to request over 25 products. Additional price will apply.

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