Spedizione GRATUITA. Nessun utilizzo di plastica vergine o pesticidi. Solo cotone BIOLOGICO e poliestere RICICLATO!

10 People buy


10 People buy


*Notice that the color of the actual product might look different from the color shown on the website. It depends on individual screens and might depend also on the photo itself. * 

Da 405 

How to multi-buy. Each steps have to be done for each Person

  1. Choose the “gender” which represent the 5 main categories.
  2. Choose the product you want.
  3. Choose the color.
  4. Choose the size (you can check in more detail in here!).
  5. Choose the placement of the design on the garment (Position).

In the end choose the style of your new design and proceed to the checkout and, before paying, upload the photo that you want me to customize to create your own personal product! If one of the styles choosen is 2+3, 6+7,  or 8+9 rember to make a note about which product will have which style. The note has to be done at the end of the checkout page before paying.

Styles and sizes are also in the description below.

Person 1
40 100 
Person 2