FREE shipment. NO use of virgin plastic or pesticides. ORGANIC cotton and RECYCLED polyester only!

Customization Information

After you place your order I will proceed to create your unique personal design. The design will follow the style you have chosen previously, it can not be changed and no preview will be given. In case there are particolars that are important for you let me know when placing the order, in fact each design will be hand-made depending on the style choosen and details might be left out to create the best design and mood. 

Time cannot be decided in advance, I suggest to place the order as soon as possible. As each design is personal, unique, original and hand-drawn it takes time, it is not something immediate and I ask to be patient in such regards. However, I have decided to put a limit on possible different designs per day, by doing so I can guarantee the design to be ready within 24 hours after the purchase.

What I do


I am Francesca and I am the designer, to know more about me check out the “About us” page!

NITEMUS - CEO and designer

What do I do?

As a short answer: I create digital art.

This summarizes what I do and also what you will get. 

I get the photo that you send to me and I digitally create a design following that photo. The design will be then printed on a garment or a bag, in such a way you will be wearing contemporary art, which will be both beautiful and useful. 

This is the perfect idea for a present for your partner, your family, and your friends too!

However, by doing so, you will also automatically participate in creating a more sustainable world!

Which is amazing!!

The products are made sustainably which means the workers involved in the whole process are protected economically and socially. All the products are also made with sustainable materials and without the use of pesticides, resulting also vegan. By purchasing a Nitemus product you will also choose to donate 10% of my proceeds to one charity that contributes to the environment or to society.

Nitemus loves art, family and the world, let’s love together.


I tried to make the photo upload process the easiest possible. I hope I was able to do so, in case it is not like that follow this step-by-step.

0. Go to our "Customization" page

NITEMUS - Customization information - Step n. 1 - Choose how many people buy

1. Choose how many people buy

Choose among the 11 possibilities. You can choose to buy just one product (1 Person) or even more then 11.

NITEMUS - Customization information - Step n. 2 - Choose basic informations

2. Choose basic informations

After choosing the product you want to buy select the color, the size, and the position. The size chart can be found by following the "Size guide" link at the top of the description. The position can be found at the end of the page

NITEMUS - Customization information - Step n. 3 - Choose the style

3. Choose the Style

After choosing the colour, the size and the design position you need to choose also the style of the design. There are 11 styles in total plus the "Nitemus choice", which will leave the choice of the design style up to Nitemus.

NITEMUS - Customization information - Step n. 4 - Check the product details

4. Check the product details

Before purchasing check for the product details at the end of the product page. In order, you can read for the size, the style, and the position of the print. Other than being able to see the sizes and measurements of the particular product, you have a visual summary of the 11 available styles and the 8 possible design placements on the garment. There is also the possibility to choose the option "(0). Nitemus choice" which let Nitemus choose your style and design placement.

NITEMUS - Customization information - Step n. 5 - Add to cart

5. Add to the cart

Proceed to the cart and checkout.

NITEMUS - Customization information - Step n. 6 - Choose the photo

6. Choose the photo

On the Checkout page, it is possible to add your photo for me to redesign and create your personal garment. There are precise requirements for photos, please check out the below for more information.

NITEMUS - Customization information - Step n. 7 - Upload the photo

7. Upload the photo

When clicking on the "Choose photo" button choose your photo and open it, it will automatically upload in few seconds.

NITEMUS - Customization information - Step n. 8 - Add more information

8. Add more information

Since this is a customizable product it is possible for you to add a note. In here you can let me know if there is a specific detail of your photo that you want to be included in the final design and if you want to have something written under the design. A nice idea would be to add a special date or your names!

9. Proceed with payment

Add your information on the billing form and go through the payment, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation. I will automatically receive the uploaded photo and will start to work on it right away. 

*To note: It is possible to request only 1 style per purchase, if you want different styles for different products please make two or more separate purchases.

Photos and paintings resolution

Photos and paintings need to have a great resolution.

Photos and paintings can be uploaded only if they follow these file extensions: JPEG, JPG, PNG, PSD, and PDF.

It is possible to upload files that are up to 10 MB.


For photos that will not be used as background, there is no minimum size, however, a DPI of at least 150 is suggested.

When choosing the size of the photo it is important to consider that smaller photos might not provide a quality good enough for me to design details or colors. Photos that are taken with new mobile phones are usually considered of great quality. 

For reference, a photo is considered good when complies with these measures: from 150DPI/PPI and 800×600 at least.


While the photos that I will use for drawing do not require to be of excellent quality, the photos or paintings that you will upload for me to use as background in the different styles need to be high-resolution photos.

This can be reached when the file follows these measures: 

  • minimum 300DPI/PPI (higher the resolution better the quality)
  • for an OK result= 1536×1180   OR   1600×1200 (2MP)
  • for a Good result= 2048×1536 (3MP)
  • for a Very good result= 2240×1680 (4MP)
  • for an Excellent result= 2560×1920 (5MP)
  • for an Amazing!Top! result= from 3032×2008 (6MP)
I personally suggest using the biggest size possible -from 3032×2008.

Windows PC:

Select File Right-click Properties Details 

Under “Image” it will be possible to visualize DPI and size.

Nitemus - Info customization - Size e PPI/DPI (Windows)


Select File Right-click → Get info → More Info

Under the tab “More Info” is possible to visualize DPI and size.


Nitemus - Info customization - Size (MAC)
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